We facilitate the launch of your product and pre-made items, ensuring uniformity and seamless progression throughout each stage of customization.

“We specialize in collaborating with researchers to deliver tailor-made laboratory equipment that addresses the specific challenges of your research. With years of expertise, our fabrication team has successfully manufactured a diverse range of products, showcasing an extensive portfolio of custom equipment. Explore some examples of our international team of engineers’ work. We partner with you to transform your product ideas into reality, utilizing cutting-edge techniques such as metal 3D printing, vacuum casting, CNC machining, and plastic injection molding. Clients approach us with various custom machine-building requirements, and our proficient team leverages their knowledge, skills, and the latest technology to meet these demands.”

-Cutting-Edge Custom Solutions for Analytical and Research Industries

In the dynamic landscape of analytical and research industries, staying ahead often requires tailored solutions that address specific challenges. Custom-made products have become indispensable for organizations seeking precision, efficiency, and innovation in their analytical processes. This holds particularly true in laboratories dealing with advanced materials, such as nanomaterials, and specialized equipment like solar simulators, photocatalytic reactors, thermal heat exchangers, fuel cell, redox flow battery, vanadium redox flow battery, phase change materials testers and electrical-electronics training board.


Solar Simulators – Your Solution for Tailored Sunlight Experiences!

Discover the versatility of AiLABS solar simulators, designed to meet your unique requirements. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to utilize the simulator in any desired quantity. The modular support system ensures seamless adaptation to the space you provide, making it easy and convenient.

Experience the strength of our robust support structure and the precision of our layout, both working together to guarantee a consistent and uniform delivery of engineered sunlight. At AiLABS, we are dedicated to providing you with a solar simulation solution that is as flexible as it is reliable. Illuminate your space with confidence, tailored to your needs.


Explore Cutting-Edge Research with Our Tailored Photochemical Reactors

Elevate your research capabilities with our custom-built photochemical reactor, crafted specifically for universities and scientific exploration. Designed for small-capacity photochemical reactions, our reactor stands at the forefront of innovation.

Simultaneously accommodating 4-8 samples, our photochemical reactor empowers researchers with the flexibility to conduct multiple reactions concurrently. Unlock the potential for groundbreaking discoveries in a seamlessly integrated and customizable research environment.

Join the future of scientific exploration with our advanced photochemical reactor, perfectly suited for universities and research institutions committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge


Our custom-made comprehensive thermal cycle tester for phase change nano materials. Unleash the full potential of your research with our custom-made thermal cycle testers, designed to meet the unique demands of your material exploration journey.

We understand that every phase change nano material is distinct, and its behavior requires specialized attention. Our custom-made thermal cycle testers are crafted with precision to provide you with the exact testing environment your research demands.

-Multiple chambers with compact robust design

-Data logger to record temperature

-Semiconductor cooling

-Industry grade power module

-Industry grade thermocouple tmp. range 0-400 Degree Celsius

-Customizable sample container

Key Features of Our Custom-Made Thermal Cycle Testers

-Flexibility and Adaptability: Our thermal cycle testers are designed to adapt to the specific characteristics of your phase change nano materials. This flexibility ensures that your experiments reflect real-world conditions, enhancing the reliability of your findings.

-Temperature Control Excellence: Achieve unparalleled temperature control with our advanced thermal cycle testers. Whether you’re exploring phase transitions, heat storage, or release mechanisms, our equipment maintains precise and consistent temperature profiles critical to the success of your experiments.

-Multi-Mode Testing Capabilities: Embrace versatility in your research with our multi-mode testing capabilities. From cyclic thermal tests to isothermal experiments, our custom-made testers offer a range of modes to suit your material’s unique


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