Profit increase, as well as the expansion of any business, is deeply connected with the handling of end to end procurement processes. AIBS can offer just that, end-to-end procurement solutions for all of your business related needs. Unrestricted by land, sea or other borders and operating without fear of linguistic barriers, AIBS is empowering experience gathered by specialists to work wonders for your business.
By procuring end-to-end processes, we manage and overlook tens, possibly even hundreds of clients all over the globe on a daily basis. For your business, this is a highly efficient and workload reducing investment that gives excellent results. Implementing end-to-end procurement solutions is what we do best!


AIBS is a team of experts dedicated to helping you and your business improve in every field. End-to-end procurement, supply chain monitoring, market entry, market research, business process monitoring or sales outsourcing are just a few of the services we provide for our clients worldwide. After all, End to End supply chain management appeal to the whole supply chain operation.


We all need quality goods delivered on time and on good terms at the end of the day. However, finding these qualities in overseas markets is a challenge for many, as vast resources, understanding and networks are usually required, let alone trust and physical presence. With our deep experience in trade and procurement, we are one step ahead of the unexpected such as:


  • Mitigating overall importing risks
  • Understanding cost structure
  • Product certifications
  • Production capacity
  • Certification concerns
  • Market and supplier risks
  • Legal and IP affairs
  • Receiving what’s promised

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