Our AiLABS solar simulator technology uses custom made and reputed light technology has proven to be the best. Using brand xenon, halogen and metal halide advance driven illumination we can make small and large are solar simulator with no bulb replacement, no-warm up time, and no calibration required. Our simulator works any space with it module support system. Whether you’re working in a confined space or a large testing facility, the AiLABS provides quality solar simulation to whoever requires it.

AiLABS solar simulator can be used in whatever quantity you require. With our modular support system, we make it easy for the simulator to conform to any space you provide. Strong supports, and precise layout ensures the simulator are consistently providing uniform engineered sunlight.

Our Simulator configuration as below

  • 1 m² Configuration- 1m x 1m with required block
  • Array Configuration- Custom configurations to suit your illumination requirements
  • Ultraviolet Configuration and Near
  • Infrared Configuration

Photocatalytic Reactor

Our photochemical reactor is mainly applied to research gas / liquid phases, fixed / simulated visible light, could reaction vessel load TiO2, Photochemical reaction under conditions of photocatalyst, etc. Be widely used in fields of Chemosynthesis, environment protection, life science, etc.

Our custom build photochemical reactor is most suitable for universities and scientific research, doing small capacity photochemical reaction. You could do 4-8 samples photochemical reaction at the same time, to make your research be more efficient.

Our photocatalytic reactor System Include

  • Protecting chamber (which can prevent ultraviolet ray, but have observation window)
  • UV Lamp control system (Xenon lamp, Metal halide lamp control system are optional)
  • UV Lamp (xenon lamp, Metal halide lamp are optional)
  • Cold pit of quartz(which is used to reduce the heating of lamp)
  • Water shortage alarm(it will alarm when the water stop flowing, then you can shut off the power)
  • Stainless steel working platform, bottom with wheels
  • 50ml glass reactor (there are 500ml,1000ml,2000ml,3000ml,5000ml are optional.)
  • 50ml quartz test reactor (there are 10ml,50ml,100ml,150ml are optional)
  • Magnetic stirrer with one field
  • Magnetic stirrer with 4-8 magnetic fields (which can do eight samples experiment at the same time)
  • Filter (there are UV cut 400nm type and UV through type)
  • 4-32 quartz test reaction fields magnetic stirrer with 4-32 magnetic fields

The UV lamp power, temperature, etc., can be controlled with a control panel. The outlet water temperature cooling using a heat exchanger and a thermoelectric cooler

Thermal Cycle Tester

Phase Change Material (PCM) is the most promising material as thermal energy storage nowadays. As thermal energy storage, examination on endurance of material for long-term use is necessary to be carried out. Therefore, thermal cycling test is performed to ensure thermal stability of PCM.

Our custom fabricated thermal cycle tester is designed to operate up to 400° C temperate with many customizable functions such as temperature sensor, data logging, cooling system, customizable testing cycle

Product specification

  • 3 Chamber with compact robust design
  • Data Logger for temperature
  • Data Logger PC with DVD drive (optional)
  • Industry/Laboratory grade Air compressor and cooling mechanism
  • Condenser Cooler/semiconductor cooling
  • Solenoid valve control mechanism to control temperature
  • Industry grade power module
  • Digital Temperature Controller with thermocouple K-type 0-400° C
  • Industry grade induction furnace 0-400° C
  • Graphite/Alumina corundum sample container

Product function

  • Display melting and solid point temperature
  • Counter display for each cycle and total cycle
  • Capture data using datalogger
  • Manual operation/data logger PC
  • Capable to do more than 200 cycle/day
  • Temperature 20-400°C
  • Emergency power on/off switch
  • System power cut off based on cycle

Figure Schematic illustration of thermal cycle tester

Our thermal cycle tester is our own in-house custom-made products. We can do many more customization based on customer requirement.


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Alumina Ceramic Boat

We offer High Purity and ThermalCorundum Melting Pot /Alumina Ceramic Boat. Any custom size we can provide just let us know your requirement of measurement.

Our Simulator configuration as below

  • 1 m² Configuration- 1m x 1m with required block
  • Array Configuration- Custom configurations to suit your illumination requirements
  • Ultraviolet Configuration and Near
  • Infrared Configuration

Physical and chemical index

Chemical Composition Units
Al2O3 > 99%
R2O 0.2%
Fe2O3 0.1%
SiO2 0.2%
Bulk density > 3.8g/cm3
Porosity 1%
Bend strength > 350Mpa
Compressive strength > 12000Mpa
Dielectric constant 2
Max work temperature 1800 degree


  • The crucible is made of aluminum oxide with
  • 1800°firing temperature and 40 hours sintering time.
  • It cannot be used over 1800°
  • Heating rate cannot be 50° /10mins.
  • Avoid aluminum oxide reaction.