We are a professional sourcing agent No matter what your level of experience, sourcing goods andservice from any country will present many challenges, as well as obstacle. We help you to identifythese obstacles, manage risk, minimize cost, and optimize your supply chain by removing allintermediaries and delivering you products direct from the source.

We dedicated ourselves to helping oversea buyers to source high quality products, audit newsuppliers, manage sourcing projects, in process quality control, pre-shipment inspection, pricenegotiation, monitor production schedule etc. Our experienced staffs have very good workexperiences in sourcing, we strictly implement systematic sourcing and quality control procedures andwork just like your local sourcing representative office handle sourcing operations.

The success of goods sourcing becomes a key factor to the success in business. Some buyers are willingto buy but they are not familiar with local market and worried about the product quality or somebuyers have been buying but they met many problems like communication, quality, delivery delay etc.Successful sourcing needs strategic planning, systematic management and close connection withmanufacturers. We can overcome these business barriers to make product sourcing easier for you andyour business.

Pitfall of Product Sourcing we know how to eliminate

  • Identify qualified suppliers
  • New product research and development
  • New product research and development
  • Consolidate shipment (combine shipments from suppliers to save on freight costs)
  • Order(s) follow up
  • Arrange shipping at a competitive rate
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Business trip management that include but are not limited to hotel booking, car rental,interpretation, etc

Facilitate export and imports

Logistics Consultation

We can provide you with the most comprehensive and efficient logistic and supply chain managementservices for your inbound and outbound shipping solutions for your company. Back with the strengthof our logistic associates and our reputable customer service support team, you can depend on AIBSto provide you the best solutions and cost-certainly means to service your business by all possible way.We will identify, quantify and rank a list of cost savings opportunities based on impact, time tocomplete, payback period and other variables.

As part of our logistic consultation process, we can provide you with one to one consultation for yourtransportation and supply chain management needs. Adopt a transportation strategy and implementation of deliverables based on your needs.

As part of our evaluation, we will examine your current transportation services and work system, including

  • Examine all transportation processes and structures
  • Assess transportation planning and order management process
  • Investigate loading, pallet configurations and cube utilization
  • Look at current technology, data quality and organizational goals and objectives
  • Review current system and delivery processes

We will provide a clear and concise measures for you based on our recommendations, including Identify and address of wasteful and inefficient processes and services.

  • Recommendations on best business practices and solutions
  • Identify of opportunities with the use of technological services
  • Outline of opportunities to improve organizational effectiveness and employee morale
  • Look at current technology, data quality and organizational goals and objectives
  • Saving and service enhancing both effective work strategies and methods

Custom Clearance Services

We provide customs clearance services. Ai works with its clients to review and understand business operations so that we can determine the tariff status of goods in advance of shipment. At Ai our dutydrawback experts confirm tariff classification, customs appraisement, country of origin, eligibility forentry under free-trade agreements or special duty programs, and the application of anti-dumping orcountervailing duty orders, among all other customs requirements. This pro-active process allowsclearance brokers to determine the correct amount of duties, taxes and fees payable on imports whilefacilitating the prompt and efficient import and export clearance of goods. It also helps in identifyingpotential duty drawback recoveries. The entire customs clearance service is made transparent to ourclients with proprietary tracking system.

Tracking system clears import and export shipments at all ports in the Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei andBangladesh. Our custom clearance services are the best solution because it provides results beforegoodseven ship.

Other Government Agency Requirements

In addition to the customs laws and regulations, importers must understand and comply with the requirements of other government agencies (OGA’s), including (but not limited to): The Food and DrugAdministration, Department of Agriculture, Drug Enforcement Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Fish and Wildlife. We are drawback experts with detailed knowledge of all requirements as they relate to imports and exports and makes that global trade service expertise available to our clients.